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Wide Layout Opinions

2009-05-26 22:09:16 by LenardNotLenny

I have to say, I think the wide-layout is one of the biggested blunders the NG staff has made, as far as appealing to beginner content providers. It seems as if the spotlight is being fully turned on an elitist group of animators, which I think, (though it boasts a larger profit) undermines the idea of Newgrounds. Everything by everyone.

The wide layout draws the focus completely away from author comments, reviews, and even the author themselves, which are all very important things to take into account before viewing an animation. It allows more ad space and less room to actually get the back story for the animation. It takes the intimacy out of viewing. I think the great thing about Newgrounds is that its an artistic forum where anyone can create anything, or express their opinion on it.

This is just paving the way for the destruction of the portal. Where games and animations are "features", like any other game site. Though it may give the creators more cash, is abolishing what makes Newgrounds, Newgrounds really worth it?

Maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist. But whatever the case, you have to agree it just looks fugly.

Thanks for allowing classic preference Tom


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2009-05-26 22:31:24

I fully agree.


2009-05-26 22:54:26

I agree with what they are trying to do, the look is only a product of the machinations. It will happen slowly, just like what happened to America, piss em off a lil bit at a time for a long time and eventually you have them cowering every time the state trucks roll by their tin shack.

LenardNotLenny responds:




2009-05-26 22:55:02

I agree with you, ahem, in regards to what they are trying to do.
MONEY MONEY MONEY fuck the individual.


2009-06-05 23:35:25

that makes sense. but I have to admit that the revinew thing seams cool if you are really popular.


2015-04-25 16:14:23